Personal Branding

What is a Personal Brand?

A personal brand is the way you present yourself to the world both online and offline. It is the unique combination of qualities, values, skills and experiences that distinguishes you from others and helps you to stand out in a crowded market.In the business context a strong personal brand can be a powerful tool for professionals and entrepreneurs. It not only establishes credibility and trust but also helps create a distinct and memorable identity in the minds of your target audience.

Behind every successful brand is a captivating story. Let us help you tell yours one frame at a time!

" You don't get a second chance to make a first impression " 

                            - Will Rodgers

What is the difference between a Headshot and a Personal Brand shot?


Traditional straightforward composition typically focusing on the person's face and shoulders.Used for professional purposes including resume, corporate website and personal profiles.

Conveys a polished and formal image suitable for professional settings.

More formal and less distracting clothing.

Helps maintain a consistent and recognizable professional image across platforms.

Conveys a sense of professionalism and reliability.

Personal Brand Shot

More storytelling image that may include location, props, products, people, etc.

Suitable for a variety of purposes including social media, websites and marketing materials.

Captures the individual's personality, values and unique style.

More expressive clothing and styling that reflect personality.

Helps the individual stand out in a competitive landscape by showcasing their uniqueness.

Conveys authenticity and creates emotional connection with the audience.


What is the Value of Investing in Personal Brand Images?

There has been a massive boom and change due to the rise of social media. Eye-catching visuals are more likely to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Customized branding images help entrepreneurs and small business owners stand out and let their personality shine through with powerful storytelling images. These brand images build credibility, trust and emotional connection with their audience which is vitally important when pitching products and services.

People connect with people they like and people they trust. Increased engagement and loyalty leads to increased sales and revenue for businesses. As your audience and customer base grows, you establish yourself as an authority or expert in the field opening up opportunities for collaborations, partnerships and further career growth.

Investing in personal brand shots is a strategic move for individuals looking to enhance their professional image, differentiate themselves in their industry, and create a strong, authentic, and memorable online presence. An investment in one's personal brand often has a very high Return on Investment (ROI), yielding long-term benefits in various aspects of their professional journey. Go from not having any images to having week’s worth of personalized authentic images you are proud to share!

    What are the           images used for?

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Marketing Materials

  • Client Presentations

  • Blog Posts

  • Newsletters

  • Home and About Us pages

  • PR and Media Packages

  • Business Cards

  • Email Campaigns

  • Print Materials

Personal Brand Sessions
Personal Brand Sessions include a variety of looks that convey your unique style, personality, values and professional identity.  Small business owners, influencers, dating profiles, actors, musicians, models and the like can receive substantial benefits from these images in their portfolio. Sessions can take place both in Studio and at locations specific to the individual client needs. Sessions typically run up to 3 hours.  A culled group of 50+ photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery and shared with you via a provided link. Digital images may be purchased on an "a la carte" per image basis at a cost of $125 per image. The Session Fee includes $250 in image credits which may be applied towards purchasing images (equivalent of 2 free).  An option to purchase the entire online gallery of images is available for $1,450. That is just an additional $1200 for all 50+ images if the image credits are applied toward this option. Access to a professional print lab to order prints is available as well.

Please note, location rental fees should they apply are not included in the price.

authentic capture of a woman sitting provocatively on a gray backdrop
Brand elevating image of a woman enjoying her picnic by snapping a selfie in her luxurious tent
a compelling portrait of a male ER doctor sitting casually in an office environment
captivating portrait of a nurse wearing a mask working on her laptop
expressive image capture of a male leaning on a wall in a park with a bridge in the background
A headshot radiating authority of a male business executive in an office setting
A fashionable portrait of a woman leaning wearing sunglasses and a jacket thrown over a shoulder
a portrait of a professional soccer player sitting in the grass with his two dogs in a park
Strong portrait of a successful lawyer in dim lighting with bokeh in the background
Pensive portrait of a male in a park wearing a purple tracksuit lit by controlled midday sunlight
Powerful branding Image of a corporate executive with his arms crossed taken in a board room
captivating shot of a dancer posing on one knee with her head leaning on her arm in a dance studio
photo of a woman sitting by a window in a cafe taken through the front glass window
woman in a white tanktop sitting at a table in the park working on her laptop
Authentic capture of a kickboxing champion teaching his female student in a park.
A female showing her magen david wearing a white tee shirt and long pointed fingernails
interesting angled portrait of a female mostly in shadow with a ray of light landing on her eyes
the back of a woman with a large tattoo on her back
A fitness-oriented portrait of a fit woman on her walk in the park with a bridge in the background
Outdoor workout of a female with green highlights
Executive brand image of a dentist in her office with a patient in the dentist chair
Dramatic portrait of a strong male with a beard hat and gold chain sitting on a stool
Shallow depth of field portrait of a male guitarist.
Model wearing a knit sweater and hat grabbing her turtle neck sweater
Woman sitting outdoors with her shoes off leaning into the direction of the sun with a river behind
Brand image capture of a female fitness instructor exercising with a stretch band
A dancer in a studio doing a standing split stretch
Upscale woman posing with a high-quality handbag wearing a coat on a white backdrop

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